Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viggle App Works With Kindle Fire!!

So I have been using Viggle, the free app that gives you real rewards just for watching TV on the Kindle Fire by using an in line mic headphone. i have had it work with both stock(Modaco) and ICS(gederom) So i believe it will work with whatever you are running. They are not like those fill forms with your personal info websites. They are an honest business with great useful rewards. If you are skeptical go to their website the link is below or google around.

It's easy. Here's how to get started...

Download the App

Register for free at, and then download Viggle through the App Store or our Android beta testing program.
Watch TV
Check into TV shows to get Viggle points.
Get Rewards
Use your points for real rewards like movie tickets, gift cards, music and more.
You'll get a bunch of Viggle points just for signing up.
Find out more at


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    1. originally when i posted this you needed to download it from their website since it was in beta though now you can just get it off the market if you are rooted and have either put on your own rom or just the market. Otherwise you can try googling for it though there might not be so many since it just recently got on the market. I recommend either downloading it on another android device and just transfer the apk file. Note: you will have to enable installing from outside sources.

  2. Where can I find this inline mic..?